I think it’s really important that we all try to understand what Adam Muto’s really saying, and not just jumping down his throat for what our gut reaction tells us he’s saying.

A lot of us seem to think that he doesn’t support the subtext between Marceline and PB and is outright rejecting it but I think that’s wrong; he never explicitly says anything about his opinion on the ship. He only talks about how he thinks that the way the Mathematical recap showed it was “sensationalistic” and “gaudy”.

In his first response it (screencap from Yamino), he gives no opinion on the ship, just the recap. In his second response, the asker interprets what he said the way a lot of us seem to have, that Muto called the subtext “sensationalistic” and “gaudy” which he absolutely did not do. Muto replies by just restating his opinion on the recap, which he’s consistently responded to negatively.

In the third response, again, the asker misunderstands what Muto wrote and thinks that he was saying that the interpretation Mathematical was putting forth was dumb. He wasn’t. He’s never given personal opinion about the subtext, about the interpretation. He’s acknowledged it. The only think he’s said is that the way Mathematical framed it was dumb. They way they presented the interpretation, not the interpretation itself. He only berates the recap because he thinks it was distasteful.

Yeah, he called the asker a moron; yeah, his tone is really clipped and short, but wouldn’t yours be? If you were consistently being misinterpreted and being portrayed as some asshole homophobe when you hadn’t at all personally commented on the subtext, wouldn’t you be a little ticked off? Especially when the askers attack you about it?

And honestly, as fun as that recap was and as much as I squealed like a 9-year-old when I watched it, I agree with him a little bit. “Thumbs up for subtext” is a little gaudy. That is all.

Thanks for the time!

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